Springfield Christian Schools

Home School Options

Springfield Christian Schools is eager to interact with parents desiring to homeschool their children and will accept from them a request for such interaction.

Application Required

Families must submit a written application for admission available upon request from the Springfield Christian School office. The application will be the same as the one for on-campus students. The application will be color-coded to designate home-school status. Every family choosing to participate in this service must meet the same requirements as families utilizing the Springfield Christian Schools’ campus facilities. Families will be interviewed for acceptance following the guidelines of Springfield Christian Schools.

Fees and Tuition Charges

Cost per student will be charged (refer to tuition schedule) plus registration fee, athletic fees, and instructional charge, if applicable. The cost incurred for any field trip participation or athletic participation will be assessed at the time of the excursion/activity. The interaction opportunities for home-schooled children would include participation in Springfield Christian Schools’ chapel, field trips, film showings, etc. If a child will be a part of a regularly-scheduled physical education, music, art, or foreign language class, the family must make the administration aware of that decision prior to the first day of classes at Springfield Christian Schools. Regular attendance will then be expected.

Academic Instruction by the Parents

Academic instruction for every child will be handled by the parent(s) of that child. Every family’s curriculum must provide a course of study in Bible, Math, Reading, Spelling, Language, Science, and Social Studies. Each family must submit to the administration a written progress report for each child in each of the curriculum areas every nine (9) weeks. Each family may choose a text/curriculum which is consistent with the philosophy of Springfield Christian Schools.

Coordinator of Home School Curriculum

A coordinator of homeschool curriculum will be employed by Springfield Christian Schools and this coordinator will have a baccalaureate degree in education. The responsibilities of the coordinator will include:
Reviewing the written education objectives and lesson plans of each family monthly
Reviewing the educational monthly log
Providing families with resource ideas and personnel to assist in any area of instructional difficulty
Serving as a liaison and coordinator between home-school parents and classroom teachers for mutually edifying educational opportunities

Achievement Testing Participation Requirement

All home-schooled students will participate in standardized achievement tests in the spring quarter of each academic year. Students will report to Springfield Christian Schools for the week of testing. Springfield Christian Schools will provide home-schooling families with a copy of the results of the standardized achievement test.

Athletic Eligibility

For a home-schooled student to be eligible for participation on a school athletic team, the following items must be met:
A student must be enrolled at Springfield Christian School in at least one academic class (Bible, Language, Spelling, History, Science, Math, Literature).

A student must participate in the school’s annual achievement testing process.
There must be a school coordinator of the home-school program (can be a school administrator) to monitor academic work and records. The student is enrolled at the school and has met all registration requirements.
The student shall be enrolled by the 5th calendar day of the school’s credit grading period (e.g. quarter, trimester, semester). Enrollment shall be continuous after a student has officially enrolled in a school until the student is officially withdrawn.
The student is included in the school’s student enrollment count and payment for the ACSI membership fee.

Springfield Christian Schools desire to provide support, resources, curriculum, direction, and a source of accountability for families who have prayerfully chosen to provide the academic instruction as well as the spiritual training to their children within their home. It is not the desire of Springfield Christian Schools to impose unnecessary demands or requirements upon the families or to infringe upon their freedom and liberty to choose those academic, social, or spiritual enrichment activities they feel best to meet the specific individual needs and interest of their child.

We will be one of the many resources available to families. We will provide organizational and advisory support. Our role, therefore, will be one of service.